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Make your next project easier with

Design-Build Construction

Design-Build gives you low-stress commercial construction with high-quality results—and it starts before the first shovel touches ground. 

After you choose Precision General Contractors, Inc., our teams will be with you for both the design and construction phase. With only one contract to worry about and our industry experience at your disposal, your project gets fast tracked to opening day.

With your needs in mind we design your project and can even help you choose a site. At PCI, our Design-Build service is your full-service shop for high-quality construction delivered on-time and on-budget.

How do we make design-build construction so efficient?

Single-source responsibility

Design-build keeps commercial construction simple. We’re the only call you have to make, and you don’t have to juggle multiple contracts.

Project costs established sooner

Your costs are established sooner and are reliable because using our team for the entire project minimizes common issues like change orders and communication errors.

We’re not just guessing: we’re analyzing current data of supply lines, materials, and personnel to create an experienced-based budget.

Condensed construction schedules

No more soliciting bids and hoping you make the best choice—with design-build sometimes construction begins before your plans are finalized and we expertly manage the project from start to finish.

You get to avoid time wasted finding contractors and subcontractors, and you let us use our industry connections and business network to optimize your commercial project.

More innovative solutions

Your project benefits from our team’s full knowledge and experience. You get quick, professional solutions that don’t cut corners.

Whether it’s a permit, code, regulations, or change order, you get to avoid the back-and-forth that plagues most commercial projects.


Greater control

Your best interests lead the project, and getting you the best quality commercial facility for your money is our goal. You’ll know, with PCI, value engineering and honest business have your back.


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